From the Desk of Kathy Szeliga


Delegate Kathy Szeliga

District 7A, Baltimore County

As a wife, mother, grandmother, former educator, and small business owner, Kathy Szeliga understands the challenges facing citizens in Maryland. Married to Mark for more than 42 years, they have 2 married sons and two granddaughters who live in the Baltimore area.

From Kathy’s Desk

We’re hard at work fighting for your families in Annapolis! I want to direct your attention to an important local matter. 

Right now, you can make your voice heard—I encourage your family to complete the public comment form regarding Northeast/Central middle school redistricting. I have had many families reach out to me with concerns about the lack of elementary school voices on the committee. Also, there are concerns regarding the impact of these decisions on property values and the breaking up of historic communities.

You can also attend the public meetings on March 8th (at Parkville High) or March 9th (at Carver High), both from 7-8pm. A representative from my office will be present to join with the community.

This is a great opportunity to make your voice heard! ⬇️

Yesterday, I introduced HB698, which would lower the juvenile court’s jurisdiction from 13 to 11 years old, and am very grateful that Baltimore County State’s Attorney, Scott Shellenberger, joined me to support the bill.

In myself and Delegate Ryan Nawrocki’s latest survey of District 7A residents, it was clear that crime is by and far the top concern—and unfortunately, juvenile crime tops that category. 

We must go back to holding juveniles accountable for their dangerous and illegal behaviors. After juvenile justice ‘reform’ measures were passed last year, juveniles under 13 are no longer being held or charged for dangerous crimes frustrating both their victims and law enforcement over the last 9 months. The crimes going unreported and unaddressed include gun crimes, carjacking, assault, robbery, rape, and other heinous crimes. 

Attorney Schellenberger made it clear in his testimony that the services offered by the Department of Social Services and CINA (Child in Need of Assistance) are not as robust as what is available through the Juvenile Justice System. Social workers are not able to hold juveniles and their families accountable if they fail to follow a treatment and behavioral therapy plan. A judge, however, can ensure juveniles get the services they need.

Let’s be clear—we’re not calling to lock up these children in prison for the rest of their lives. Meaningful services and accountability are desperately needed to ensure our safety and prevent future offenses. 

Kathy Szeliga, Ryan Nawrocki, & Lauren Arikan | East County Times

“It will give the County carte blanche control over the number of speed cameras installed. There will be no checks and balances on them. It matches legislation already passed in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. Does Baltimore County want to begin modeling legislation after them? We think not.”

Kathy Szeliga & Ryan Nawrocki | The Avenue News

“HB698 will reinstate penalties/consequences for youth 11 and over to be heard in juvenile court (not adult court). It’s important to note that juvenile court charges and sentencing are privacy protected and do not carry over into adulthood. This gives youth offenders the ability to get the tools and services they need to rehabilitate their behavior and hopefully not become adult criminals.”

Kathy Szeliga & Ryan Nawrocki |

“For students trapped in persistently failing schools, the BOOST program gives families a way out, just like Gov. Moore and his sister. Defunding this important scholarship program is wrong. Every month and year that students miss out on quality educational opportunities puts them further and further behind.”

Chris Montcalmo |

“Delegates Ryan Nawrocki and Kathy Szeliga joined more than one hundred citizens at a community meeting about proposed development in eastern Baltimore County on Thursday evening. There is significant outcry over the future development of 400 acres of the former LaFarge Quarry property on Earls Road in the White Marsh/Middle River area.”

Jason Buckel, Jeff Ghrist, Kathy Szeliga and April Miller | Baltimore Sun

“Our children have a right to learn.

“House Bill 737, the Right to Learn Act, is a reasonable solution to help bridge the learning gaps in our state. It is a measured school choice option that focuses exclusively on low-income students and students who attend chronically failing schools. The bill codifies the BOOST scholarship program that allows low-income students to attend approved private and parochial schools across the state.”

Ben Terzi | The Avenue News

“’We do not support the proposed taking of land along the Ebenezer Road or Earls Road corridors for this development and we will fight to stop this,’ Nawrocki and Szeliga said in a statement.”

Jeff Morgan | WMAR2 News“‘Going from the state’s current minimum wage to $15 an hour by October 1 puts a lot of businesses and their employees behind the eight ball,’ said Mike O’Holloran, National Federation of Independent Businesses.”