Chevy Suburban aka the Elrichmobile
Chevy Suburban aka the Elrichmobile. The biggest SUV on the planet is the SUV of choice for Marc Elrich.

Is Marc Elrich a Hypocrite?

Montgomery County, County Executive Democrat Marc Elrich is known far and wide about his love for the environment and how we just have too many gas-guzzling SUVs on the road.  Elrich is been a big proponent mass transit like Ride-On and Metro.  One would think County Executive Elrich would be driving a hybrid or an electric car when he must use an automobile to get around the County.  Because unlike many on the left I understand you can’t take Mass Transit everywhere and you do need to drive from time-to-time.

Last Monday Elrich made a rare public appearance at a Civic Association meeting in Silver Spring.  We were shocked to see he had full-size gas-guzzling SUV.  To quote little Gretta Thornburgh”… How dare you…” preach to everyone else to be taking mass transit and using fuel-efficient cars when driving.  I guess for Democrat Marc Elrich its do as I say, not do as I do…