Climate Change Hypocrites

Environmental activist Al Gores' home in Nashville, TN

Do as I say, not as a do, this seems to be the mantra of every leftist environmentalist.

Do as I say, not as a do, this seems to be the mantra of every leftist environmentalist.  Over the years we’ve seen environmental activists like former Vice President Al Gore, Prince Charles, George Clooney, Arianna Huffington Leonard DiCaprio and many more. 


What do all of those environmental activists have in common, they have a very large carbon footprint.  Their carbon footprint is larger than the average American with two SUVs in the garage and 2000 square foot home.  Al Gore alone at his home in Tennessee guzzles more electricity than an average family.  That average family with two SUVs and 2000 Square foot home would take twenty-one years to use the same amount of energy the former Vice President uses to power his home for one year.   The electricity to just heat his pool would power six homes for a year.  The former Vice President isn’t the only one many of his Hollywood loving greenies are on the same Yacht (would say boat but let’s be real would Al Gore and his Green friends ever tool around on a rowboat?)

Schweinhaut Senior Center
Schweinhaut Senior Center, located on Forest Glen Road less than 100 feet from a RideOn Bus stop.

Now you are likely what this has to do with Montgomery County?  Well, the newest members of this environmental hypocrite’s club is our own Democrat County Executive Marc Elrich, thanks to an MCGOP Club member, outed Marc Elrich and his Elrichmobile.  The picture of the Elrichmobile at a Civic Association meeting at the Schweinhaut Senior Center located in the Four Corners section of Silver Spring. 

Important fact Marc Elrich encourages everyone to use RideOn and Metro when possible.  This meeting he attended was less than 100 feet of a RideOn Bus stop.  This would also of been a short biking or jogging distance from his home in Takoma Park estate.   All he needed to do was catch a bus to Silver Spring’s Overpriced Paul Sarbanes transit center, then transfer to the Number 8 RideOn bus and he’d be at the Schweinhaut in no time at all, however, Marc asked himself WWGD (What Would Gore Do)?  It was the logical choice he harked to the Elrichmobile!!!

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