HB 262/SB 537

Annapolis, MD

DESCRIPTION HB 262/SB 537 Bill allows undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at public 4-year colleges without first earning 60 credits at a community college. Reduces MD high-school attendance requirement from 3 years to just attending. Reduces MD income tax filing requirement for parents/student to 3 years prior to starting college classes instead of…

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HB 720/SB 830

Fishery Management Plans – Oysters.

HB 720/SB 830 DESCRIPTION Fishery Management Plans – Oysters. Removes the Secretary of Natural Resources from a reconstituted oyster futures consensus process to be called the Oyster Advisory Commission. The new Commission will be double in size of the Oyster Futures Group. The MD House and Senate would each have 2 voting representatives, but there…

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Labor and Employment –

HB994/SB839 DESCRIPTION Labor and Employment – Criminal Record Screening Practices (Ban the Box). Requires employers of more than 15 employees to refrain from asking on an employment application about whether an individual has a criminal record until the first in-person interview. Exempts businesses that serve minors or vulnerable adults. It provides for fines up to…

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