Montgomery County Republican Club’s Person of the Month: Robin Ficker

a Picture of the 16000 plus signatures collected by Robin Ficker for his Tax Limitation initiative

Congratulations Robin Ficker The Montgomery County Republican Club would like to recognize Robin Ficker for his yeoman’s work in bringing important ballot referendums for Montgomery County.   Robin in 2016 single-handedly collected the bulk of signatures needed to put Term Limits on the Ballot.  This past overwhelmingly at the ballot box. 2020 is no exception Robin…

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Testify Against the Largest Tax Hike in Maryland History


If you would like to submit written opposition, we would be happy to submit for you. Please email your attachment to to oppose the largest tax hike in the history of Maryland! This is the LARGEST TAX INCREASE in Maryland’s History This Tax Increase will Cost Maryland Families like yours $1700, per year Do not be…

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COLUMNS OPINION Mike O’Halloran, Cailey Locklair and Christine Ross: Maryland small businesses can’t afford plans to pay for Kirwan school reforms

Capital Gazette Header

From the Capital Gazette – February 29, 2020 We read a recent online opinion piece entitled “Business Leaders Want Kirwan Plan Fully Funded.” That may be true of the well-connected individuals who signed the column, but we promise you it doesn’t hold for Maryland’s job creators, its small businesses, which make up 92 percent of…

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