Support your Local Restaurant

We encourage our members and friends if, in a position to help, please support our local supporters of the Montgomery County Republican Club Please Help Us Support Our Local Restaurants – Don’t see your Restaurant listed SUBMIT YOUR Restaurant Name Address City State Zip Phone Carryout Only Barking Dog 4723 Elm Street Bethesda MD 20814…

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Kirwan Report Part II; Savage” Cuts and “Starvation Wages” for Teachers?

kirwan commission

For decades, misleading rhetoric from leading figures in America, like that in a recent article by Norman Augustine, a local corporate magnate RINO,  would have us believe that the US spends far less on education than is the case. Statements, such as this by Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders,  “Over the past decade, states all over…

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A Path to Victory

Path to Victory

As you know, those of us who love this country have faced a non-ending series of efforts to destroy our Republic by destroying the presidency of Donald Trump. Now we are facing another threat, one that was not created by the Left but, you can be assured they are using it to maximum advantage, again,…

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