Dan Crenshaw Posts Info ‘Everyone In America’ Should Read About Why Democrats Killed Emergency Relief Package

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw

From our friends at The Daily Wire – By  James Barrett DailyWire.com Former Navy SEAL Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is calling on Americans to hold the Democrats “accountable” for having “torpedoed” a bipartisan COVID-19 emergency bill that provides funds to small businesses to help cover payroll and rent and other coronavirus-related expenses, expands unemployment benefits,…

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Support our Friends at Lahinch and other local businesses

Lahinch Tavern & Grill

Please support our friends at Lahinch Tavern and Grill. We at the Montgomery County Republican Club leadership and members are planning to go Tuesday, March 24, 2020, to order carryout as a show of support of our friends at Lahinch. WEBSITE – www.lahinchtavernandgrill.com They also partner with Grub Hub for delivery options, if you don’t…

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Support your Local Restaurant

We encourage our members and friends if, in a position to help, please support our local supporters of the Montgomery County Republican Club Please Help Us Support Our Local Restaurants – Don’t see your Restaurant listed SUBMIT YOUR Restaurant Name Address City State Zip Phone Carryout Only Barking Dog 4723 Elm Street Bethesda MD 20814…

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Kirwan Report Part II; Savage” Cuts and “Starvation Wages” for Teachers?

kirwan commission

For decades, misleading rhetoric from leading figures in America, like that in a recent article by Norman Augustine, a local corporate magnate RINO,  would have us believe that the US spends far less on education than is the case. Statements, such as this by Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders,  “Over the past decade, states all over…

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A Path to Victory

Path to Victory

As you know, those of us who love this country have faced a non-ending series of efforts to destroy our Republic by destroying the presidency of Donald Trump. Now we are facing another threat, one that was not created by the Left but, you can be assured they are using it to maximum advantage, again,…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

President Trump gives COVID-19 Breifing

We at the Montgomery County Republican care about our members.  In these unpresidented times of Coronavirus (COVID – 19), we would like to  make available some guidance and information resources on COVID-19.  We understand how these are tough times we are going through, we are confident as you are We Are Americans we’ve been through…

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Budget Woes

Graphic representing Budget

Did you know……..         Of course, to get around the fact that so much fiscal power is vested in the Governor, the legislature found a “workaround.”  By adding language into bills requiring the governor to appropriate certain amounts of money for certain purposes a requirement called a mandate is created.  The governor at the time…

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Montgomery County Republican Club Endorses Del. Neil Parrott for Congress in MD-6

Neil Parrott Candidate for US Congress MD-6

Montgomery County Republican Club endorses Neil Parrott for Congress in Maryland Congressional District 6.  The Club has chosen Del. Parrott for his commitment to the three major tenants of the Republican Party, Tax Cuts/Tax Reform, National Security/National Defense and Family Values. Neil has consistently received high mark s from the American Conservative Union in their…

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Stop Marc Elrich

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich is still placing our families at risk! In one of his latest public policy blunders, Marc Elrich has doubled down with recognizing Montgomery County a SANCTUARY COUNTY! While the President continues to make our country safe, Elrich has championed policies that have lead to the sexual assault and rape of…

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