Direct Line Live

Join us this Wednesday, April 8, 2020, as we are joined by Adam Sackstein, M.D. and Montgomery County Activist Robin Ficker

Adam Sackstein, M.D., is the founder and medical director of The Pain Management Center, a Prospira PainCare Center of Excellence, located in Hamilton, Linwood, Turnersville and Voorhees, New Jersey. Dr. Sackstein received his undergraduate degree from City University of New York, Brooklyn College and his medical degree from State University of New York Health Science Center of Brooklyn College of Medicine after completing a seven-year combined BA/MD program.

In addition to Dr. Sackstein’s impressive credentials and experience in the medical field, he also has served many years on the Executive Board of Congregation Beth El in Voorhees, NJ. He and his wife, Sharon have given and continue to give countless time and money to aid their community.

We all know our friend, Robin Ficker, over the years he is responsible for getting Term Limits referendum on to the ballot in 2016 and getting it passed by over 60% of Montgomery County voters.