Dwight Patel

Board Member

Meet Dwight Patel

Dwight Patel is and Architect, IT Guru, and New Media Rock Star. In addition, Dwight was elected to the Montgomery County, Maryland Republican Central Committee (MCRCC). Dwight was also elected 2nd Vice Chairman of the MCRCC. In 2016, Dwight was elected 1st Vice Chairman. In 2017 Dwight was named MDGOP Technology Chairman.

Dwight in 2019 retired from leadership with the MCRCC, to join the board of the Montgomery County Republican Club one of the oldest clubs in Montgomery County.  Dwight’s views of modern technology for business and politics is staying ahead of the curve, let others catch up to you, don’t play catch up. Dwight invests in technology upgrades for himself, he is always willing to push the envelope further and further. He believes all should be using as in social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkdIn.

Dwight has worked with many of the premier conservative groups in Washington, DC as well as ran his share of congressional, state legislative, and senatorial campaigns around the country.