Direct Line w/Chris Palombi

Chris Palombi

DIRECT LINE W/Chris Palombi Chris Palombi, U.S. Congress as a Representative of Maryland’s 5th district Interview with Chris Palombi, Candidate for US Congress Maryland 5 Chris is a former U.S. Capitol Police officer and self-taught web programmer/designer. He is an advocate for maintaining constitutional liberties, individual rights and freedoms, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. Learn…

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Has COVID-19 Killed Off the Kirwan Commission’s $32 billion Spending Plan?


Before COVID 19, the top agenda item of Maryland’s teachers’ union and their Democratic allies has been ramping up state spending to fund the Kirwan Commission’s K-12 education recommendations. The price tag totals a staggering $32 billion over the next decade. Their eventual spending target hits $3.8 billion more per year.  The charge exceeds $5,000…

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