Joe Biden and his supporters like to claim he “sounded the alarm” about the coronavirus in January about the coronavirus pandemic. They say he was first to lay out specific steps the Trump Administration should take to prepare. That is a total lie.

Biden held dozens and dozens of events in January and February. He spoke for hours and hours. Yet his campaign can’t point to a single statement from Biden about the need to social distance, invoke the Defense Production Act, increase production of PPE or ventilators, set up temporary hospitals, or implement travel restrictions. At the vast majority of his events, the coronavirus was not mentioned at all.

Biden’s favorite pastime is rewriting history. He’s tried to get away with it when it comes to his years-long support for the Iraq War, his lack of participation in the civil rights movement, his record of putting “kids in cages,” and his opposition to the raid to get Osama bin LadenNow he’s trying to rewrite what he said (and did not say) about the coronavirus.

Here is a detailed timeline of what Biden and his advisors said about the virus:  CLICK HERE