Conservative Businesswoman. Political Outsider

Kelly Loeffler is a conservative businesswoman and political outsider appointed by Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp to replace Johnny Isakson in the United States Senate.

A lifelong Republican and proud Georgian, Kelly has worked in the US Senate to spur economic growth, crackdown on illegal immigration, champion fair trade deals, protect farmers, and keep our families safe.

Right now, we don't yet know who will occupy the White House in 2021.

Those votes have been cast. We can't change the result of that election - all we can do now is make sure those votes are fairly and properly counted.

But there is one place where conservatives can act now to make an impact on our nation's future: the Senate.

Because there’s one Senate seat still hanging in the balance: Georgia’s.

Donate or Volunteer for the January 5, 2020 run-off election.  Stop the democrat's radicle agenda of Court Packing, Green New Deals and regulation on Farmers.

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