Million MAGA March Saturday, November 14 Washington D.C. 12:00 NOON

Million MAFA March

Million MAGA March Saturday November 14 Washington D.C. 12:00 NOON President Donald J Trump took a stand for the American people, now the American people must take a stand for President Donald J Trump. #MillionMagaMarch – DOWNLOAD & SHARE TO SOCIAL MEDIA WE NEED ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS IN D.C. THIS SATURDAY #StopTheSteal  #MillionMagaMarch #DonaldJTrump @PresidentTrump…

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Kelly Loeffler

Senator Kelly Loeffler

Support Senator Kelly Loeffler Are you seeing what’s happening in swing states? Democrat-run cities and counties are STILL counting ballots, and battleground states are being called for Democrats too early. This election is far from over! While President Trump is focused on fighting back against Biden and the Democrats, we need to do anything we…

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Pizza and Politics Canceled

Montgomery Co. Exec. Marc Elrich booed as he announces loosening of COVID-19 restrictions

Pizza & Politics Canceled By decree Comrade Elrich there shall be no gatherings in public places with more than 25% occupancy.  Furthermore, Comrade informs us he will be sending the Stasi around to make sure all businesses comply with his decree. We hope to be back soon for more in-person events.  However, we have to…

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