Save the service industry!

Please see the below email from my good friend and former GOP Delegate James King.  In short, the MDGOP is supporting James in his battle on the front lines of Freedom.  Last week, James and three other great Maryland small business restaurants defeated Democrat Stuart Pittman’s arbitrary executive order which tried to shut down small business restaurants in Anne Arundel County.  Another court battle is looming on December 28, and you can help stop the arbitrary shut-down actions of the Democrats.

Please go to where you can donate to help this court battle and/or sign the petition to show that you support Freedom and private enterprise small businesses.


As you may be aware, the restaurant industry is in the fight of it's life! Last week, we successfully filed a temporary restraining order to prevent County Executive Pittman from closing down all restaurants in the county. The Judge agreed with our motion and allowed restaurants to continue to operate through our next court hearing on December 28th. At this hearing, the Judge will make his final decision as to whether or not restaurants can remain open or if they will be closed indefinitely. As if the past 8 months have not been hard enough on our industry and our employees, this possible closure will be the final dagger in the heart to so many of our local small businesses.


I am proud to stand with so many other restaurant owners, employees, patrons and small businesses from across the state that depend on the restaurant industry to be vibrant to survive in the formation of the Maryland Restaurant Coalition! We are stronger together and our message will resonate if we stand united against these efforts to decimate our industry and put thousands of workers out of jobs. I am asking you to consider assisting me and the thousands of residents that depend on our industry to feed their families and pay their rent and mortgages.

If you enjoy dining out at Maryland restaurants, if you work at a Maryland restaurant, if you own a Maryland restaurant or if you own or work for a small business that will be affected by the closing of Maryland restaurants, I am urging you to visit our website at and do four things.

1.) Join our cause- It costs nothing and takes 20 seconds. Just enter your name and email address so we can show the large amount of support we have for our cause.

2.) Sign our petition stating that you support keeping restaurants in Maryland open!

3.) Donate to our fight. As we mount legal battles, bring in expert witnesses, launch pollsters, hire media relations experts and deploy staff members, we need your support to keep the fight moving forward. No amount is too small and any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Restaurant owners and employees are coming off of the worst 10 months in recent history, and we need support from the general public to help us fight this battle. 

4.) Share this information with your networks. The further reach we have, the more support we will get. Please forward, post on social media, etc. to help us get the word out.

Thank you very much for your consideration and if successful, we look forward to seeing you all at a Maryland restaurant in the days and weeks to come!


James King


Titan Hospitality Group