Same COVID, Different Rules for Restaurants


Travel around Maryland and adjacent jurisdictions, and you will encounter vastly different COVID restrictions.  It is the same disease, subject to the same “science” and the same CDC recommendations.  And yet local authorities are responding with very different rules.[i] Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan reduced capacity at bars and restaurants to 50% in November and ordered…

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Reopen Indoor Dining in Montgomery County

Sign petition Telling Marc Elrich to Allow Restaurants to Safely Reopen Indoor Dining Save the service industry! Please sign the petition below and tell Marc Elrich and the Democrats on the County Council to Allow Restaurants to Safely Reopen Indoor Dining Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Tell County Executive Marc Elrich…

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Money vs Lives

Money vs Lives By Sue Seboda Money vs lives. Remember that?  Anyone who advocated for a balanced approach to Covid had that phrase viciously thrown in their faces in a high-pitched social media frenzy.  The money vs lives mantra was generated and propagated by the lockdown proponents, adopted as gospel by a fear soaked populace and used strategically to…

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Important Message from the Maryland Restaurant Community

Advocating for Maryland's Restaurant Community

REOPEN Indoor Dining The Maryland Restaurant Coalition is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to protecting the rights of restaurants, restaurant owners and restaurant employees throughout the state of Maryland. Our membership is made up of restaurant owners, employees, vendors, and citizens who support our industry. We provide information and education to the general public, fight…

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Binge-Watch Direct Line Live

Direct Line Live

Binge Watch Direct Line Direct Line: David Almasi, Vice President at National Center Our guest for December 16, 2020, talked about conservative shareholder initiatives Direct Line: Dirk Haire, MDGOP Chairman – Our guest for December 9, 2020, was Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire. We spoke with Chairman Haire about his vision going forward…

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