3 Ways You Can Help Cancel 'Cancel Culture'

Governor Bob Ehrlich Commentaries 3 Ways You Can Help Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’ There is an interesting paradox in today’s politics in that those who are most often the targets of cancel culture are not themselves practitioners of the art. Americans with right-of-center opinions simply do not switch to shutdown mode when confronted with opposing viewpoints.…

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Runner running

In 2022, elections for the Maryland State House, US Congress and County Councilmanic districts will all change. The District you ran in 2018 may not be the same district. How is a candidate to plan to run when lines haven’t been drawn? Well, for a good majority your district will at least change slightly.
With that said, there is nothing preventing you from working on the nuts and bolts of politics. There are several things you can do before you know your district lines.

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Is Bill Gates your farming neighbor?

Gary Baise Commentaries Is Bill Gates your farming neighbor? The Microsoft founder and billionaire allegedly owns over a quarter of a million acres. The Land Report which claims it is “the magazine of the American landowner” on January 11 posted a story claiming that Bill and Melinda Gates were the top farmland owners in the United States!…

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