Direct Line w/Puneet Ahluwalia We are joined by Puneet Ahluwalia, candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia.  Puneet will be sharing his vision for a successful Virginia. We want all Americans-including our own children and your’s – to enjoy the freedom and opportunity that have so blessed Nadia and me. We have operated and managed small…

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The Biden Administration’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill includes $5 billion for financial aid to farmers of color who allegedly have been discriminated against by USDA. U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia was able to insert his Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act into the bill.

Sen. Warnock said he wanted to “…ensure equity in our recovery efforts and address longstanding injustices that have left some communities behind for far too long…”

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In Search of… A GOOD Campaign Treasurer

In Search of… A GOOD Campaign Treasurer Every political committee must designate a treasurer before it can accept contributions or make expenditures. The committee must designate a treasurer on the Statement of Organization. Treasurers must ensure committee reports and statements are complete, accurate and timely. This is a significant responsibility—if there’s an enforcement action against…

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