March 31, 2021 Direct Line W/FMR First Lady Kendel Ehrlich, MD and FMR First Lady Susan Allen, VA

Direct Line with Former Maryland First Lady Kendel Ehrlich and former Virginia First Lady Susan Allen.

Direct Line w/Susan Allen, VA and Kendel Ehrlich, MD – The Chesapeake First Ladies We are joined tonight at our microphones by Former First Lady of Virginia Susan Allen and the Former Maryland First Lady Kendel Ehrlich. Mrs. Susan Allen served as First Lady of Virginia from 1994-1998 during her husband, George Allen’s, tenure as…

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STOP HR 1 & Senate Bill 1

Stop HR 1 and Senate Bill 1

STOP HR-1 and S-1 Help the Montgomery County Republican Club send a message to Senators Van Hollen, Cardin, Rep. Raskin, and Rep. Trone. Defeat Block HR 1 and SB 1 the Illegal Voting Act The “Illegal Voting Act” would overturn centuries of free-speech rights for everyone except politicians and destroying Restricting political speech, which means…

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Campaign Leadership Team

Picture of President Nixon

Campaign Leadership Team Let’s say you just decided to run for public office.  Congratulations, you just took the first step to the road to becoming a candidate!  Now you need to find a GOOD campaign treasurer.  I covered the basics of searching for a “A Good Campaign Treasurer” So I will do a brief recap,…

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