Amb. James Gilmore


Statement on NATO Intelligence Official & Sensitive Military Assessments in the Russian Invasion of Ukraine:

NATO-Ukraine Flag

"On Monday, March 22, NBC News (It figures) published a very unhelpful interview by an unnamed NATO intelligence official. The interview was on a condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive military assessments. Thus, the NATO official was probably breaking a whole lot of security laws.

The message published was that the Russia-Ukraine war was becoming a stalemate. "Neither side here can win." Since the Russian government doesn't care how many Russian soldiers are killed and wounded, the message runs the risk of demoralizing the Ukrainian army, auxiliaries, and citizens.

The unnamed NATO official is wrong. The truth is that the Ukrainians have already won. Putin's Nazi-like invasion could succeed only if a quick conquest and installation of a traitor government would be accepted by the people of Ukraine. The courageous resistance of the Ukrainians together with the war crimes of the Russians make such a capitulation impossible. Russia started this war, and they cannot win it, even if their armies make advancements.

The Russians now admit that they have lost over 26,000 soldiers, killed, and wounded in their illegal invasion of a peaceable neighbor that was no threat to Russia. The Ukrainians over time will drive the Russians from their country. Russia is now a pariah state. The belief in Europe that Russia is dangerous has now been confirmed by Russia itself. The sanctions will demolish the Russian economy. NATO now is unified.

Russia has lost. Its dream of reassembling the old Russian empire is lost. The only question now is how many more war crimes will Russian soldiers commit? And how many more thousand Russian soldiers will go home in a box." #StandWithUkraine


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