Taxed Enough Already

If you are like the Average American in Montgomery County, you likely are paying around 24% of your income in taxes. That’s just on your Federal Taxes. State Taxes are due in Maryland on July 15, 2022, you will be giving the state another 4 - 5.75% of your hard-earned income, and don’t forget Montgomery County Property taxes average Montgomery County homeowner pays around $6000.00 that’s roughly 6% of your income if you are making $100k per year. Then there is the .05 cent bag tax we pay every time we go to the grocery store, department store anywhere where we get a bag.

Montgomery county residents if you are a homeowner, will be shelling out around 34% in taxes this year before you get to Sales Tax, Bag Tax, Water Quality Protection Charge (The Rain Tax).

We at the Montgomery County Republican Club feel our citizens are taxed enough already.  We would like to state that we are for the elimination of the Democrat Bag Tax.