Meet Marcus Alzona Candidate for MC Board of Education - DISTRICT 3

Marcus Alzona Candidate for MC Board of Education - District 3MCPS Parent and Computer Scientist, running for the Montgomery County Board of Education District 3 in order to be a common-sense voice for parents, keeping schools open and safe.

A product of Montgomery County Public Schools, and the child/grandchild / and spouse of immigrants, Marcus was enrolled in MCPS’ Head Start Program for disadvantaged children and later was in the first graduating class of the Montgomery County Math/Science/Computer Science Magnet Program at Montgomery Blair HS in Silver Spring.

With over 160,000 students and nearly 19,000 staff, Montgomery County Public Schools implements and manages the largest local Information Technology infrastructure in the entire state of Maryland. We need a board member that understands both the potential and the limitations of technology, who can provide proper guidance and oversight for STEM education and school infrastructure.

We need to keep our schools both open and safe, providing all our children with the great education they deserve.

We must follow the overwhelming number of studies and data from the past two years showing schools should remain open, and not reflexively close schools, causing our kids to fall farther behind in their education.

We must listen to our principals, who unanimously want School Resources Officers in MCPS schools. The board must stop portraying police as a problem, and return to viewing the police as a partner in keeping our schools safe.

Teachers are essential workers, yet the board gave them only a 3% cost of living raise, while giving the superintendent a $368,000 compensation package (an increase of $73,000). To keep schools open, we need to fund teachers, not executives.

Parents entrust MCPS with their children, and parents must have a voice on the school board. Schools need to be transparent with safety, health, and curriculum.

This July, vote for Marcus Alzona for the Montgomery County Board of Education to help keep schools open, safe, and transparent.