Board of Directors

Montgomery County Republican Club Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

The Montgomery County Republican Club has eleven members that make up the board of directors.  These board members serve for a six-year term. They are elected by the Montgomery County Republican Club paid members, who have been active participants of the Montgomery County Republican Club, in the past twenty-four months.  The members of the board of directors must have attended four meetings in a calendar year.  The Board of Directors elects the President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Communications Secretary, and Treasurer.

MCGOP Club, Chairman Mark Uncapher Mark Uncapher, Chairman
Board Member David Bossie, Republican National Committeeman from Maryland David Bossie
Board Member Jim Calderwood Jim Claderwood
Board Member Patricia Fenati Patricia Fenati
Board Member
a photo of Don Irvine Donald Irvine, Treasurer
Board Member Advisory Board seat vacancy Brad Roars
Board Member
Dwight Patel, Board member of the MCGOP Club Dwight Patel
Board Member Marcus Alzona, Board member Marcus Alzona, CTO
Board Member Photo of Jeff Brown Jeff Brown
Board Member Matthew Foldi Matthew Foldi
Board Member Kat O'Connor Kat O’Connor
Board Member Ryan Gniadek Ryan Gniadek
Board Member Advisory Board seat vacancy Deborah Lambert
Board Member