Last week the Baltimore City Republican Party put on their Lincoln Reagan Dinner.  For those who attended it was a positively amazing experience.  Everything from Toasting President Trump to Toasting Charm city fun was had by all.

What made the Dinner Amazing?

Was it the rockstar Speaker they had in Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears?  Well, that was a part of the equation, however what made the dinner great was the warmth and how very welcoming the hosts were to those who attended their dinner.  It was great seeing the Baltimore City Republican Party Chairman greeting the attendees at the dinner.  They had people who attended the dinner from all over the state from Kelly Schulz Lt. Gov. Dr. Jeff Woolford, Attorney General Jim Shalleck, Sen. Salling, Del. Metzger,  National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose, MDGOP Executive Director Corine Frank, MDGOP Secretary Mark Uncapher, who was also a table sponsor of the dinner, MDGOP 3rd Vice Chairman Gary Collins, in addition to party leaders and elected folks Former MDGOP and MFRW Chairman Diana Waterman, MFRW 2d Vice President Linda Stine Flint as well as a wide array Central Committee members from all over the state attended.

Safe to say the Who’s Who of the MDGOP were out in force at the Baltimore City Republican Parties Lincoln Day dinner.

You are wondering what made the dinner Great, well it wasn't the food, (the food was great) wasn’t the deserts (they were even better than the main course), it wasn’t the fabulous location, and it wasn’t the fabulous Lt. Governor Winsome Sears (she was beyond awesome).

What made the dinner truly memorable was all of the above from the warm welcoming feeling the hosts (the Baltimore City Republican Party) give you when you walk in the door to the well-organized dinner like a well-oiled machine.  Baltimore City is located in one of the biggest Democrat strong holes in Maryland, it is so easy for a party that is outnumbered 20 to 1 to toss up their hands and say no we aren’t going to do a dinner, who will come?  Well as they say if you build it, they will come and did they come from all over the state from Western Maryland, Northern, Maryland and even people from the Eastern Shore came to the Baltimore City Lincoln - Reagan Dinner.

Baltimore city embodies the no surrender mentality, like Winston Churchill they will, Never, Never, Never, GIVE UP!