CBS “NEWS” is at it Again

CBS is at it Again!

From the network that brought you, great media lies like the reporting on the Vietnam War, General Westmoreland interview on 60 Minutes to forged National Guard Documents in 2000 to derail the re-election of President George W. Bush, or who could forget all the lies about President Trump.

This week CBS’s 60 Minutes a “News” magazine, perpetrates another act of Journalistic Malpractice.   “Hunger Games” is how “60 minutes” news gal Sharyn Alfonsi accuses Gov. Ron DeSantis’s vaccine rollout in Palm Beach County, Florida.  They accuse Gov. DeSantis of pay for play.  What you didn’t see on 60 Minutes, as the late great Paul Harvey would say click the link or watch below for the Rest of the Story…  The News CBS doesn’t want you to know about.

The $100k donation to DeSantis for Governor campaign, anyone can look it up by simply going to the Board of Elections website and look up contributors to DeSantis for Governor, listening to CBS you’d think this was a cover-u that rivaled the Hunter Biden Laptop Story.