Examining CRT


Examining CRT

In 1963, Dr Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a Dream …” Speech. His speech was about his dream to live in a country where people are simply judged by the content of their heart, and not by the color of their skin.

Dr. King wanted a color-blind society, and for the most part we have achieved his dream of a color-blind society. Montgomery County achieved the dream many years earlier in the late 1970s. I went to Montgomery Blair High School, which in the late 80s was the most diverse high school in Montgomery County. We had every ethnic group represented under the sun. We were also a proud Blazer Family; we didn’t have race riots every other day and hate crimes on the days we didn’t have a race riot.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) contradicts the values of Dr. Martin Luther Kings vision of a color-blind society. CRT does more to divide Americans than to unite Americans.

We had other problems like all schools like random fights, truancy, bad teachers, lack of support from Board of Education for the Blair Magnet Program and other real problems. We didn’t have any of these made-up problems that current council and board of education peddle, which is the radicle leftist agenda. The National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation for Teachers (AFT) have brought you New Math, New Science, New History in the past. Now they are pushing the new stalking horse of the left Critical Race Theory which teaches victimization.

There is nothing more racist than when minority kids are taught that they start life with a couple of strikes against them, and we need to lower standards to give them a leg up. I believe in excellence, and every child in America, regardless of where they start from, can succeed in America if they work hard and give it their all. For example, Dr. Ben Carson grew up in the projects. He went on to becoming one of our nation’s leading neurosurgeons, eventually a candidate for President, and then became the US Housing and Urban Development, Secretary. This didn’t happen by accident. As for Justice Clarence Thomas, his father abandoned the family to go north when he was 7 years old, and his harried mother sent him to live with his grandparents in Savannah, which is the first time he lived in a house with a toilet. His success, he has told friends, was due to his grandfather’s insistence that he go to school and work hard. Why is it that immigrants who came over in the late 1970s from Southeast Asia are able to live the American Dream in a single generation? They did this through hard work, perseverance, and an emphasis on education.

Working hard isn’t a Republican or Democrat value, it’s an American value! We need to do better to reinstate this message to ALL people in our country.