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Kate Woody for County Council – Councilmanic District – 5

Kate Woody

Lawyer, Real-estate broker, Tax Consultant, U.S. Tax Court member, and other Law Bars. Author, TV & Radio Personality, Public Speaker, Teacher, and Leader

She is the wife and mother of a wonderful non-verbal son who suffers from autism and a much missed older son who passed 10 years ago.  Kate is the proud daughter of a decorated WWII combat officer who received a Commendation Letter from General Kanine for Code Breaking. Her father settled in Montgomery County Maryland to become a medical doctor with money he had saved. But his funds were lost by a Maryland Bank Scandal–so he became a lawyer by working by day at NSA and Attending American Law School by night.

My husband and I love this community and are dedicated to it since our sons were born and raised here and much of my family lives and grew up here.