David Shephard 
 Author - Elections Have Consequences: A Cautionary Tale
by David Shephard

Direct Line w/David Shephard

Many who are politically conservative sincerely believe the political left intentionally stokes racism. They do so by constantly pounding the table about “White Supremacy,” which nowadays is virtually non-existent, and by promoting Critical Race Theory in schools so that non-whites will grow up believing that they are helpless victims. The Left does so, they believe, in order to keep minorities perpetually in a separate, under class, and struggling for survival. The logic is simple. Stunting the growth and development of non-whites will keep them voting for Democrats. In 2021, however, Virginians by and large saw through this ruse. For lieutenant governor, they elected a black female Republican, Winsome Earle-Sears. For governor, they elected a while male Republican, Glenn Youngkin. To the office of Attorney General, they elected a Hispanic Republican, Jason Miyares. Never before had a political party in Virginia offered up such an ethnically diverse ticket, nor had the citizens ever elected one.

This novel by a conservative Virginia blogger exposes the sinister, detrimental, and hypocritical tactic of diversity politics. The characters and events portrayed, while fiction, bear an eerie resemblance to the players and the events that took place in the administration prior to the election of Earle-Sears, Youngkin, and Miyares. Some might even describe this novel as a roman à clef. Perhaps it is, or maybe it is not. One thing, however, is not in doubt. It is meant as a warning to Virginia’s voters, and to freedom lovers of all persuasions in whatever state they may live, to keep the events of the early twenty-first century in mind whenever they go to the polls.

Don’t miss this political thriller, and whatever you do, think about it the next time you cast a ballot.

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