Nancy Pelosi - Stop the Madness

Democrat Articles of Impeachment

Article 1. Under Donald Trump, the US has added 6.4 million jobs, including 500,000 manufacturing jobs; poverty is at lowest level in two decades and median family income has risen $5,000 in less than three years. This is deeply embarrassing to Democrats, who promised their constituents these things for 50 years.

Article 2. DT has rebuilt the once-depleted US military into the most powerful fighting force in history;

Article 3. DT has restructured unfair trade deals and global agreements and has leveraged US economic strength to reset relationship with China, so that we win, they lose;

Article 4. Under DT, America has become the world’s No 1 oil and natural gas producer;

Article 5. DT withdrew from the ridiculous Paris accords and the Iran deal daring to erase Obama’s signature agreement allowing Iran to nuke up;

Article 6. DT has appointed over 150 conservative originalists to the judiciary;

Article 7. DT and doggedly increased control of the US southern border

Article 8. DT is guilty of surviving Deep State schemes to take him out and guilty of working hard to fix the nation’s problems.