Commentaries by Mark Uncapher

The Politics of Population Density

By Mark Uncapher | June 29, 2022

Swing voters in suburban communities, neither rural nor urban – will have a very decided impact on who prevails on November 8th There are multiple ways to slice and dice the American electorate. The connection between population density and voting behavior deserves more consideration. A Bloomberg/City Lab analysis suggests that a political tipping point between the…

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Trone, Ruppersberger, Raskin Back Bill to Hike Gas Prices Another 90 Cents a Gallon

By Mark Uncapher | June 1, 2022

These Maryland Democrats’ climate agenda drives their desire to use a carbon tax to drive energy costs still higher.

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Hogan Lobs Gas Tax Hike Hot Potato At Peter Franchot

By Mark Uncapher | May 23, 2022

Governor Larry Hogan has called on Peter Franchot to immediately take steps to halt or minimize the impact of the legislative gas tax increase that the Comptroller’s office is scheduled to announce in the coming days.

Under legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2013, the Comptroller announces gas tax increases on or before June 1 of each year that take effect on July 1. The Comptroller’s Office calculates the tax increase based on the consumer price index.

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Barbara Goldberg Goldman

She’s Back: Barbara Goldberg Goldman Returns from Democratic Siberia

By Mark Uncapher | May 17, 2022

Barbara Goldberg Goldman’s comments about African-American candidates were unquestionably offensive. However, political sins can apparently be forgiven with the right “Green” – as in campaign contributions

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Time to Begin Contesting Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District

By Mark Uncapher | May 2, 2022

Conservative Investigative Journalist Matthew Foldi Targets Democrat David Trone Rarely have the political stakes been as high for a Maryland congressional election as this year’s Sixth district race. Multiple independent analysts have identified it as one of fewer than two dozen evenly matched districts that could decide control of the House of Representatives. The political…

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Save the Bay? Not if Baltimore Runs Its Sewers

By Mark Uncapher | April 24, 2022

Baltimore’s sewage failures raise questions about environmental deadlines The day after last week’s Earth Day, the State’s Departments of Health and Environment issued a public health advisory because of Baltimore’s discharge of millions of gallons a day of sewage into the Chesapeake Bay. Weeks before, Maryland’s Department of the Environment ordered the state’s Environmental Service…

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Tax-Funded “Virtue Cycling” Group Opposes Hogan Traffic Congestion Relief: The “Bike Bros” Are Against Anti-Gridlock Transportation Plans

By Mark Uncapher | April 4, 2022

Gridlock routinely ranks high among voter concerns. Marylanders spend more time commuting to work than the residents of every other state, apart from New York.[i]  As a result of congestion, Marylanders can spend less time with families and can even avoid taking better-paying jobs if longer commutes are involved.  In Montgomery County, 43% of residents…

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Top Maryland Democratic Leader Out After Questioning Black Candidates’ Viability

By Mark Uncapher | March 23, 2022

Earlier this month, a now-former Maryland Democratic party official touched off a firestorm of controversy by questioning the electability of Black candidates in the state.

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Hans Riemer

MoCo Councilman Hans Riemer’s Political Hoax: Reinstating the Military Draft

By Mark Uncapher | March 8, 2022

Montgomery County Councilman (and now Wannabe County Executive) Hans Riemer has proudly taken personal credit for his “fake news” media campaign claiming the military draft was about to be reinstated. Usually, when political operatives engage in dirty tricks, they avoid having their fingerprints attached.  Or they are at least a little embarrassed at being caught…

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Thrive Montgomery 2050’s Flawed Housing Assumptions

By Mark Uncapher | February 26, 2022

Aspiration to Own Single-Family Homes Remains Strong Thrive Montgomery 2050, the County’s proposed long-range planning document, is being promoted by Montgomery County Planning Board Chair Casey Anderson as a kind of all-purpose urban planning elixir for racial justice and social equity.[i] His solution? Increase housing density with more multiple dwelling units and fewer single-family homes. …

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