Homicide Prosecutor for Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby Charged Criminally

Homicide Prosecutor for Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby Charged Criminally

Baltimore Prosecutor charged with stalking ex-girlfriends with illegal subpoenas and threatening a criminal investigation to extort money

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore City homicide prosecutor Adam Chaudry illegally subpoenaed phone records to stalk and harass the women he dated and threatened a criminal investigation to extort money, according to state authorities.[i] 

The charges came just days after Chaudry’s former boss, Marilyn Mosby, responded to Governor Hogan.  According to Mosby: “For the governor to come out today and say that my prosecutors, they don’t do their jobs, that they don’t prosecute violent criminals, that they don’t sweat blood and tears for the safety of everyone in the city, is a disgraceful lie.”[ii]

Chaudry, until June a top homicide prosecutor in the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office, is charged with dozens of counts of misconduct. Crimes include abusing grand jury subpoenas, other court processes, and official investigative tools.  He did so to get private telephone records and additional information to stalk two former romantic partners. [iii]

The indictment also alleges he extorted money from an individual on behalf of a friend. 

The extortion charge resulted from Chaudry allegedly first telling a female friend in November 2018 that “I’ll have my investigators run and check on [the ex-boyfriend] to see where he is staying. I can likely sending [sic] Target letter to both him and [a sports agent] indicating the State is investigating the matter in a criminal capacity.” A month later, Chaudry then sent the woman’s ex-boyfriend a letter on official State’s Attorney stationery saying that the office had opened a criminal investigation into his failure to pay the acquaintance. [iv]

The letter concludes, “Should both parties reach an agreement for an alternative resolution for which the amount outstanding $10,000.00 U.S. currency is recovered in full, the State will note the same as satisfactorily closed.” The letter was addressed as coming from State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and signed by Chaudry, despite the recipient never being under investigation.[v]

The case comes in the context of a high-profile dispute between Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby and Governor Larry Hogan.  Last week after Baltimore’s death toll had surpassed 300 homicides for the seventh year in a row, Governor Larry Hogan made a series of announcements to address violent crime in Baltimore City.

“People are being shot nearly every single day in Baltimore City, and we all have an obligation to do something about it right now,” said Governor Hogan.

“I want those families and all the victims of this violence to know that we will not stop pursuing those criminals who are terrorizing our community, and we will continue to use every tool at our disposal to make these neighborhoods safer and to get these violent shooters off the streets.”

Among his actions, the Governor directed his Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services to conduct a top-to-bottom evaluation of all funding provided to the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office. This funding will remain under review until that office provides complete data regarding:

  • The number of cases the office has chosen not to prosecute, including a breakdown of the reasons for non-prosecution
  • The number of cases pled down to lesser charges, including plea agreements reached that are less than mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines
  • The number of repeat-offenders who were offered plea deals. [vi]

“We just want to make sure that the state taxpayers are getting their money’s worth. We’re not really freezing it. We’re doing an immediate review. We’re hoping that we get the cooperation out of the State’s attorney’s office,” Hogan said.

Mosby fired back at the governor hours later, calling Hogan’s remarks a “political stunt” and comparing the governor to former President Donald Trump, who she said used the city as a punching bag.[vii]  

Mosby may loudly complain about Hogan’s desire for accountability. Yet according to the statistics her office has released, during the first 7 months of this year, it obtained just 7 homicide convictions – one a month. This even though for several years the Baltimore murder pace has been over 25 per month.[viii]

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