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Points on HB 1628 – (Sales Tax Expansion)

By Adam Schmidt | Feb 23, 2020

This is the LARGEST TAX INCREASE in Maryland’s History16 This Tax Increase will Cost Maryland Families like yours $1700, per year Do not be fooled.  This is NOT A REDUCTION IN MARYLAND’S SALES TAX, it is a 52% INCREASE in MARYLAND’S Sales Tax This is a TAX, our citizens have already said they are unwilling…

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Governor Hogan's Tax Relief plan

Governor Hogan’s Tax Relief Plan

By Dwight Patel | Feb 23, 2020

Governor will continue to fight to make it easier for Maryland families, small businesses, and retirees to keep more of their hard-earned money. That’s why we proposed a historic tax relief plan that would provide the largest tax reduction in Maryland in more than two decades. Meanwhile, legislators are pushing the largest tax increase in…

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Baltimore Jewish Times

At Republican Event, Speaker Preaches the Gospel of Jexi

By Guest Columnist | Feb 21, 2020

Written by By Carolyn Conte  Recent anti-Semitic attacks have led the Jewish community to be hyperalert for hate and its sources in all forms. At a recent gathering of about 20 people organized by two Republican groups, the main speaker and attendees said they see the Democratic Party as part of the problem. On Feb. 13,…

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Democrats only want POWER!!!!

For Democrats, It’s All About Power

By Adam Schmidt | Feb 18, 2020

One thing is clear: Democrats only care about their own political power. We can’t let them have it.

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Neil Parrott Candidate for US Congress MD-6

Meet Neil Parrott

By Adam Schmidt | Feb 15, 2020

The Republican running for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District It was the Fall of 1984, Neil’s first year in high school, and he started studying government and politics.  In that class, his teacher helped make politics come alive for him.  Mrs. Calvin was an African American who loved our country.  She was a member…

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Get to know #Jexit!!!

By Adam Schmidt | Feb 14, 2020

JEXIT Inc., is a Florida Not for Profit Organization founded in March 2019 by a conservative Jewish woman who was the Co-Chair of Jews for Trump Coalition during the 2016 Presidential election campaign. JEXIT’s origin dates back to October 2018 with the creation of our #JEXIT Facebook social media page. Our mission is to educate…

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Kids in classroom annoyed on prospects of Kirwin Commission Report

Kirwan Doubles Down on Failed Pre-K Education

By Mark Uncapher | Feb 8, 2020

A signature recommendation of the Maryland Kirwan Commission includes increasing full-day pre-K across the state. The Commission’s total price tag reaches a staggering $32 billion over the next decade. Kirwan’s interim report claims: “Research shows that investing in the early childhood learning and development of disadvantaged children yields a high return to society, offsetting taxpayer…

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By Adam Schmidt | Feb 8, 2020

DOWNLOAD FULL PDF Action 1.1 (before 2/11/2020) Email House Judiciary Committee Members Against HB0388/HB0403 House Judiciary Committee (cont’d) Email Telephone Grammer, Robin L, Jr (R-D6-BC) 410-841-3298 | 301-858-3298 Griffith, Mike (R-D35B-CC/HaC) 410-841-3444 | 301-858-3444 Lewis, Jazz (D-D24-PGC) 410-841-3691 | 301-858-3691 Lopez, Lesley J (D-D39-MC) 410-841-3021 | 301-858-3021 Malone, Michael E (R-D33-AAC)…

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President Donald J. Trump

The Senate Acquits President Trump

By Adam Schmidt | Feb 5, 2020

America’s Long-Running Nightmare is Over for Now February 5, 2020, President Trump as expected, the Democrats’ sham impeachment failed spectacularly in the Senate. It was clear from day one that this was all about the left’s inability to accept the results of the 2016 elections. The Democrats and the media tried hard to frame President…

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