Senator Kelly Loeffler

Kelly Loeffler

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Are you seeing what’s happening in swing states?

While President Trump is focused on fighting back against Biden and the Democrats, we need to do anything we can to support him and have his back. That means HOLDING THE LINE and DEFENDING the Senate Majority! Just as President Trump is still fighting, I’m still fighting to hold onto the final Senate seat up for grabs in Georgia!

We can’t allow the Senate to fall into the wrong hands! Radical Democrats will undo President Trump’s entire legacy in a matter of weeks.

We’ve never faced a more uncertain election than this one.

It’s gut-churning. Our nation faces a terrible crisis at this moment.

As partisans lob accusations of dirty tricks around Election Day, we must hold firm in our faith in our fair and free elections. America can, and will, get through this, but we will need to fight for the integrity of our institutions.

This is not a drill: We need real leadership in Washington. Who sits in the halls of Congress matters more than ever before.

It’s why I can’t give up – and why I’ll keep fighting for Georgians. Let me tell you – I couldn’t be more different from Raphael Warnock and his radical liberal allies.

By the time I got the call from Governor Kemp to serve in the Senate, I had started businesses, created hundreds of jobs, and sat on the board of community organizations all over Georgia.

I walked away from my life as a businesswoman to serve my fellow Georgians. And I’ve brought that same farm-girl attitude to Washington.

I came to Washington to shake up the status quo, and I’ve worked hard to get results for Georgians.

During my short time in office, I have:

  • fought to defend the unborn
  • stood up to the Chinese Communist Party
  • rushed relief to those who are struggling as a result of the COVID-19 crisis
  • worked overtime to reignite and restore our economy
  • fought for President Trump’s Keep America Great Agenda

I’ll never stop working for you and I’ll never let the Establishment beat me – it’s not in my DNA to give in.