As governor, making sure that every single child receives a world-class education will always be a top priority.

It starts with empowering parents and making sure they have a role in the process. That’s why we need real school choice and more public charter schools.

A child’s zip code should never determine the quality of the education they receive. Unfortunately, that is the case in far too many Maryland communities. I will record fund K-12 education and fight to build new schools in every corner of our state.

We also need transparency. Public schools are public and taxpayers have a right to see how their money is being spent. And parents have a right to see what and how their children are being taught. This is common sense and old-fashioned good government.

The past two years have been a disaster for K-12 education and it’s time to recognize that and take steps to fix it. We can no longer ask our children to sacrifice for the sake of adults. It’s been clear for a long time and I will say it again – forcing young children and students to wear masks in school is wrong, clearly unnecessary, and needs to end.

Our Parental Bill of Rights lays out exactly where I stand on the most important issue in our state and is a blueprint to ensuring that every single child is given the best chance to succeed. It’s my promise and commitment to both parents and students.