Chevy Suburban aka the Elrichmobile

Marc Elrich and his SUV

Chevy Suburban aka the Elrichmobile
Chevy Suburban aka the Elrichmobile. The biggest SUV on the planet is the SUV of choice for Marc Elrich.

Is Marc Elrich a Hypocrite?

Montgomery County, County Executive Democrat Marc Elrich is known far and wide about his love for the environment and how we just have too many gas-guzzling SUVs on the road.  Elrich is been a big proponent mass transit like Ride-On and Metro.  One would think County Executive Elrich would be driving a hybrid or an electric car when he must use an automobile to get around the County.  Because unlike many on the left I understand you can’t take Mass Transit everywhere and you do need to drive from time-to-time.

Last Monday Elrich made a rare public appearance at a Civic Association meeting in Silver Spring.  We were shocked to see he had full-size gas-guzzling SUV.  To quote little Gretta Thornburgh”… How dare you…” preach to everyone else to be taking mass transit and using fuel-efficient cars when driving.  I guess for Democrat Marc Elrich its do as I say, not do as I do…