Aerial view of Francis Scott Key Bay bridge over the Patapsco river in Baltimore Maryland

Maryland’s Drive Towards Higher Costs: A Call to Action Against Tax Increases

If the recent legislative actions in Maryland are any indication, driving in the Free State is on the brink of becoming significantly more expensive, courtesy of decisions made by House Democrats. The passage of HB1070 and SB362 is a testament to a concerning trajectory where the cost of transportation, an essential aspect of daily life for millions of Marylanders, is set to skyrocket. This increase is not just a matter of cents and dollars; it’s a heavy burden poised to fall on the shoulders of every driver in Maryland, particularly impacting those in rural and suburban communities.

At the heart of this issue is a substantial hike in tolls, projected to accumulate to hundreds of millions of dollars. But the financial implications don’t stop there. Marylanders are also facing a rise in the sales tax on cars, moving from 6% to 6.5%, and for the first time, this tax will also apply to trade-ins. Additionally, vehicle registration fees are set to increase, alongside a bump in speed camera violation fees. Even taking an Uber won’t escape the reach of these hikes, with rides now including an extra 75 cent fee. Furthermore, these changes come on top of an automatic annual gas tax increase—a move preserved by Democrats who have blocked attempts to halt it, such as the proposed HB1025.

What stands out in these legislative measures is not just the financial burden they impose but the clear message they send about the priorities of Governor Moore and the Democratic leadership. The decision to raise taxes, fees, and tolls across the board suggests a troubling disconnect between the state’s fiscal management and the economic realities faced by its citizens. It’s a scenario where the hardworking residents of Maryland are expected to shoulder the consequences of unchecked spending, with rural and suburban families bearing a disproportionate share of the burden.

This situation calls for immediate action. The proposed increases are not merely policy changes; they are direct hits to Marylanders’ wallets, affecting everything from daily commutes to the broader cost of living in the state. It’s a critical moment for citizens to make their voices heard and to oppose measures that will make life in Maryland more expensive and less sustainable.

The call to action is clear: Maryland residents must contact their State Senators and express their opposition to the House Democrats’ proposed tax increases. This is not just about opposing new fees or lamenting higher costs; it’s about advocating for fiscal responsibility, equitable tax policies, and a state government that prioritizes the well-being of all its citizens over unchecked spending.

As Maryland stands at this crossroads, the message from its citizens must be loud and clear: driving the state toward financial sustainability should not mean driving its residents into hardship. It’s time to oppose these tax increases and demand a more balanced, fair, and sustainable approach to state governance.