The Honorable Delegate Brenda Thiam, PhD

Meet The Honorable Delegate Brenda Thiam, PhD

Dr. Brenda J. Thiam is a passionate special educator of nearly 25 years. Her fondest memories are of teaching students who have autism. She is originally from North Carolina but chose to move to Hagerstown, by way of other cities, so that her family could have a better quality of life. Delegate Thiam comes from humble beginnings of being raised by a single mother of five children, no heat in her childhood home, and living in the projects during her high school years. She set high but attainable goals for herself because her mother required it. As a Delegate, Dr. Thiam is ready to work with and along side the Hagerstown Mayor, its City Council and its citizens as we all embark upon a prosperous, safe, and healthy future for Hagerstown. Delegate Thiam always puts the people of Hagerstown over political posturing


Serving our community by improving our future!

Great leadership is not afraid to challenge the existing status quo. I believe that there is value in thinking outside of the box. As a Delegate in Annapolis, I’m dedicated to problem citizen-focused problem solving rather than playing hyper-partisan political games. I know that I serve in my office at the privilege of the voters of Hagerstown. It is my mission to build coalitions from across the State of Maryland to better serve the citizens of Hagerstown.

I, myself; am a dedicated and passionate resident of Hagerstown. I know that wiser spending, results driven bipartisan cooperation, and professional problem solving result in an efficient Maryland government, a prosperous business climate, and a brighter future for both Hagerstown and the State of Maryland. 

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