Dr. Zeng for Maryland Delegate 9A

Meet Dr. Zeng for Maryland Delegate 9A

I am Dr. Jenny (Jianning) Zeng from Ellicott City and I am running for  State Delegate of District 9A.  I came from China to this country 22 years ago for my PhD degree in Astrophysics, and to start a new life. I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a software Engineer, and a farmer at heart.

Maryland is my home. As a long time resident, I cherish the opportunities and freedom I have here to build a life that I can call my own. I also feel obligated to repay this community with my efforts to move it forward.

I got into local politics in the winter of 2017 to fight against sanctuary bills in Howard County and in the State, to voice for my community’s opposition against this and other misguided policies that will compromise the stability of our home. I believe that immigration makes this country great that’s why we come here.

I am the current Corresponding Secretary of Howard County Republican Women Club (HCRWC). I was in the 2021 nomination committee of Maryland Federation of Republican Women Club (MFRWC). I was a PTACHC Delegate for TRES. I have fought against unreasonable school redistricting etc. with neighborhood communities. I have supported conservative candidates running for local school board, county council, and state legislature, and helped to organize or coordinate campaigns tirelessly to help these good people get elected to better represent us and express our concerns. It is time for me to commit myself to public service and work with my neighbors to build back a strong community.

The past two years have been life-changing, and I strongly feel that our government has not been taking the right course of action. We see more mandates and policies put in place to tell us how to live. We need to focus on re-engaging with our neighbors and rebuilding our sense of community. We must work together to restore this community through a stronger dialogue between people and government.

As a candidate, I pledge my support for state legislation and policies that help commercialization of new technologies including new agricultural practices and techniques, give back Education freedom, and ensure our first responders have resources and my support to do their job.

  • Restoring a stronger dialogue between the community and the local government to ensure a healthy and balanced governance.
  • Restoring excellence in education and giving back freedom to parents and students
  • Ensuring public safety concerns are voiced and addressed
  • Promoting advanced science and technology education, and commercialization new technologies including agricultural practices and techniques

I love Maryland, and am willing to do all I can to protect our beloved home state. That’s the reason why I am running for state delegate. I will listen to you and work with you to bring this community together.

I am Dr. Zeng and I ask you for your vote and support!