Missy Carr for Maryland

Meet Missy Carr – Candidate for State Senate, LD-18

Missy Carr is an entrepreneur with 25 years of small business ownership, a mom, a wife and a lifelong resident of Montgomery County. I am a proud candidate for the Maryland State Senate in Legislative District 18 (Forest Glen, Wheaton, Glenmont, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Garrett Park)

For the last two years local politicians and their radical policies stomped on our personal and religious freedoms, bodily autonomy, and parental rights. They kept our children out of school and sports, decimated our businesses and made our communities unsafe with their arbitrary and illogical policies. This was government overreach. It was an abuse of power and it was wrong.

Montgomery County and the State of Maryland have been dominated by Democrat Progressive politicians for decades.
Their policies are failing us by every metric including the economy, business, schools & safety. It’s time for commonsense solutions to the problems they’ve created. I am running to represent those who do not have a voice in Montgomery County or Annapolis. As a Maryland State Senator I will fight for Maryland families and businesses by advocating for the following:

Parental Rights. Put parents back in charge of their children’s health and education. Demand full transparency from schools and courts.

Personal Economic Relief. Restrain county and state officials from their abusive tax and spend programs.

Safe communities. Re-Fund police. Return to proactive and community policing. Keep criminals in jail.

Education. Remove all forms of divisive race, sex and gender education from elementary and secondary schools.
Promote school choice.

Personal and Religious Freedom. Prevent more mandates by requiring strict adherence to state and federal constitutions. Enforce separation of Church and state.

Minority communities. Empower minorities by Providing job skills, trade training and language development.

Our seniors. Make Maryland a retirement friendly state. (we are currently ranked 50th) Stop taxing retirement benefits and pensions.

It’s time to end one party rule and bring commonsense policies to Annapolis that will benefit all Maryland residents. If you share my vision, I hope you will consider making a donation or volunteering for my campaign.

Learn more about Missy Carr at www.missycarr4maryland.com

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