Meet the Delegates graphic with Maryland Flag Colors

Meet the Delegates

Meet the Delegates graphic Square with Maryland Flag Colors

Meet the Trump Delegates from Maryland to the Republican National Convention this Summer. Special shout out to those Board Members and friends of the Montgomery County Republican Club who have been designated.

District 1 – Delegates

Danielle Hornberger
Michael Marchi
Joseph D. Sliwka

District 1 – Alternate Delegates

Nicole Harris
Jeffery P. McBride
Christina Trotta

District 2 – Delegates

Merlynn F. Carson
John C. Fiastro, Jr.
Kathleen A. Smero

District 2 – Alternate Delegates

David Alan Martin
Ric Metzgar
Johnny Ray Salling

District 3 – Delegates

Kory Boone
Harry Ralph Jackson, Jr.
Shannon Wright

District 3 – Alternate Delegates

Megan Ann Carpenter
Anne Koutsoutis
Anne White

District 4 – Delegates

James P. Appel
Faith Loudon
J. T. Mastranadi

District 4 – Alternate Delegates

Amy Leahy
Anne Elizabeth Rutherford
Jim Wass

District 5 – Delegates

Bill Dotson
Deena Fisher
Chris Rosenthal

District 5 – Alternate Delegates

Jennifer Hayden Boyd
Seth Howard
Kathleen C. Morgan

District 6 – Delegates

Wendell R. Beitzel
Marie A. Fischer
Joeylynn Hough

District 6 – Alternate Delegates

Barrie S. Ciliberti
Jerry DeWolf
Luanne Ruddell

District 7 Delegates

Tom Kennedy
Don Murphy
Laura M. Walsh

District 7 Alternate Delegates

Tamu I. Davenport
Patricia R. Fallon
Kathryn Jerrard

District 8 Delegates

Ruth Horton Melson
Jeffrey Shockey
Mark Uncapher

District 8 Alternate Delegates

James A. Calderwood
Dan Cox
Patricia Ann Fenati