Money vs Lives

Money vs Lives

Money vs lives. Remember that?  Anyone who advocated for a balanced approach to Covid had that phrase viciously thrown in their faces in a high-pitched social media frenzy.  The money vs lives mantra was generated and propagated by the lockdown proponents, adopted as gospel by a fear soaked populace and used strategically to silence common sense among the citizens and local politicians. Among other things, this weaponization of Covid was used to justify mail in voting and solidify power structures.  But today let’s steep ourselves in the irony of another goal, the most basic of them all, money.

The reality of the money vs lives mantra is far different from the lockdown or die message in the early days of Covid.  It’s Big Pharma money vs our lives.  We little people are clearly expendable unless Big Pharma and their clingons can make a bundle.  What other explanation is there for the incurious attitude of the western world to safe, inexpensive, off patent, readily available and potentially effective ivermectin?  Why are front line doctors who have firsthand experience with ivermectin’s ability to reduce mortality and hospitalization ridiculed, criticized and fired?  It has been known since April that ivermectin has notable potential as a Covid therapeutic.  So why do the FDA, NIH and CDC say this inexpensive, off patent drug should not be used until further studies are done?  Why haven’t these studies already been concluded as has been done with vaccines and expensive drugs that can be patented?   It’s simple, there is not enough money in it to get Big Pharma’s attention.

For those who have never heard of ivermectin, it is an antiparasitic drug initially developed for animals in the 1970s. During the 1980s it was discovered that ivermectin was highly effective for certain parasites in humans.  More than 3 billion doses have been prescribed (many donated by Merck) since the 1980s confirming its safe human use.  Because in vitro studies have shown ivermectin to be a potentially potent antiviral agent as well, Leon Caly et al conducted an in vitro analysis of ivermectin’s effectiveness against Covid, releasing results in April 2020.  The April study was widely criticized because in vitro doses were higher than what is considered safe for human use.  Regardless some countries began treating Covid patients with ivermectin at safe dosages achieving notable reductions in mortality and hospitalizations.  In the US a handful of doctors began using the drug with success even as the FDA, NIH and CDC continued to recommend against its use until rigorous clinical trials were conducted.

I recently became aware of ivermectin due to the grassroots efforts of Dr. Bruce Boros in Key West, FL.  His success with the drug in treating Covid patients is notable.  His disgust with the medical community for lack of interest in ivermectin is palpable.  Dr. Boros first tried ivermectin on a hospitalized patient with 88% oxygen who was headed towards a ventilator, and therefore a high chance of death.  After two doses of ivermectin, the patient’s downward trend was reversed and his lungs began to clear.  This patient fully recovered.  Dr. Boros has since treated approximately 160 Covid patients with ivermectin resulting in zero hospitalizations.  He begins an ivermectin protocol immediately, even before PCR test results are returned since the earlier ivermectin is introduced, the sooner the viral replication is impeded providing the patient with the best chance to avoid serious illness and death.

Further research led to Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and Dr Pierre Kory who testified before the Senate Homeland Security committee on December 8, 2020.  To potentially save your life or someone else’s, please make the effort to read his presentation or watch the video.  An excerpt:  “And so, it is with great pride as well as significant optimism, that I am here to report that our group, led by Professor Paul E. Marik, has developed a highly effective protocol for preventing and early treatment of COVID-19. In the last 3-4 months, emerging publications provide conclusive data on the profound efficacy of the anti-parasite, anti-viral drug, anti- inflammatory agent called ivermectin in all stages of the disease. Our protocol was created only recently, after we identified these data. Nearly all studies are demonstrating the therapeutic potency and safety of ivermectin in preventing transmission and progression of illness in nearly all who take the drug.”

“People are dying at unacceptable and untold rates. I am a lung and ICU specialist, and all I do right now is take care of COVID-19 patients dying of breathlessness in ICUs. By the time they get to the ICU, it is nearly impossible to save most patients…. I don’t know how much longer I can do this, especially knowing that it will all be needless death from here on out, given there is a readily available solution. A solution that cannot be dismissed or ignored. There is a critical need to inform health care providers in this country and the world. The leadership of our governmental health care agencies has a great responsibility here. All we ask is for the NIH, the CDC, and the FDA to conduct a rapid review of the literature reviewed in this presentation and provide guidance to the country’s health care providers.”

In addition to Dr. Kory’s testimony, please listen or read the Chairman’s (Senator Ron Johnson) and the ranking member’s (Senator Gary Peters) opening statements.  Senator Johnson cannot understand why those who would attempt to implement early treatments are blocked and vilified.  Senator Peters displays the worst form of politics while accusing Dr. Kory of a political gambit.  “Sadly, it appears that today’s hearing will follow the same path, playing politics with public health, and will not give us the information we need to tackle this crisis.”  Reprehensible.

Meanwhile according to Dr. Kory “the last treatment recommendation on ivermectin is from August 27th where on the NIH website, they recommended that ivermectin only be used in clinical trials and they based that recommendation as “expert opinion” only given the lack of clinical studies at the time.” Since the hearing and the release of FLCCC’s findings?  Crickets.

While caution is an essential component of drug approval, my uneducated mind suggests there are serious ethical concerns with clinical trials considering the results of previous ivermectin trials.  Would you want to be in the placebo group knowing that all studies to date show lower mortality with ivermectin?  Politicians like Senator Peters have blood on their hands. As do the media outlets who attacked and attempted to silence Dr. Kory before he even spoke.  As do the FDA, CDC and NIH who are mired in their own bureaucracy and Big Pharma funding.  Yes, Big Pharma pays these agencies to conduct studies on their drugs of choice. Has Big Pharma stepped up to assist in the study of ivermectin?  No.  Have any of the massive pork relief bills Congress has passed include study of ivermectin? No (but the Kennedy Center got more money). An in depth review of the motives of Big Pharma, politicians, the media and social media platforms to subvert information on ivermectin is warranted in the event it goes beyond the typical “follow the money” story.

Ivermectin is not a cure for Covid.  It is a very promising therapeutic and preventative measure against Covid.  How many more people will die or experience lifelong problems from this virus because there isn’t enough money involved for Big Pharma and the medical establishment to get excited about ivermectin.  Yes, indeed, its money vs lives.  Their money and our lives.  Wake up people before it is too late.

  • For detailed information please study the data and information included in the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) website.
  • Dr. Bruce Boros Ivermectin Protocol
    • Ivermectin 0.4mg x weight in kilograms single dose. If greater than 30 mg I split dose by 2 hours.
    • Z pack or doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day for 5 days. If pcr swab is negative I stop the antibiotic but continue the other meds
    • Famotidine 20 mg a day x 7 days
    • Vit C 500mg twice a day x 7 days
    • Vit D 4000u a day x7 days
    • Baby asa 81mg 1 a day x 7 days
    • ZINC 50mg a day x 7 days
    • Claritin 10mg daily if congested
    • Tylenol or ibuprofen as directed on the bottle
    • Robitussin DM or NyQuil for cough as directed on bottle
    • Do not use if pregnant or lactating
    • No alcohol
    • Care and testing if taking anti coagulants

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