This weeks Guest on Direct Line is a Candidate for US Congress MD-6 Neil Parrott

Direct Line w/Neil Parrott

We’re thrilled to welcome an exceptional individual to this week’s episode of Direct Line Live — Neil Parrott. With a life dedicated to service, leadership, and community engagement, Neil embodies the spirit of dedication and commitment we admire. As a proud father, loving husband, inspiring coach, innovative small business owner, and a dedicated State Delegate serving his third term in Maryland’s General Assembly, Neil brings a wealth of experience and insights to our conversation.

Neil’s journey from the technical world of traffic engineering for the Maryland State Highway Administration in Frederick County to his pivotal role as the Deputy Director of Engineering for the City of Frederick showcases his expertise and commitment to improving community infrastructure and quality of life. His transition into entrepreneurship and public service further highlights his versatile skills and unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Neil’s active involvement in community activities, such as organizing swim meets, speaks volumes about his passion for fostering community spirit and engagement. His candidacy to represent MD6 in Washington DC is driven by a desire to apply his broad range of experiences and dedication to benefit a wider community.

Join us on Direct Line Live as Neil Parrott shares his journey, insights, and visions for the future. It promises to be an enlightening conversation with a dynamic leader who is committed to serving and inspiring. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Neil, a distinguished guest whose life’s work exemplifies leadership, innovation, and a deep commitment to community.

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