Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot

Response from Peter Franchot

Republican Friends:

Below, unsurprisingly, is Comptroller Franchot’s response condoning the outrageous comments by his Chief of Staff, Len Foxwell.  Over the past day, our GOP staff have also uncovered additional posts by Mr. Foxwell that demonstrate unacceptable arrogance and disdain of those who do not share his progressive views.

Comptroller Franchot, after masquerading as a moderate for the last few years, has now shown the entire State that he is no moderate.  The Maryland Republican Party will be ready to deploy significant amounts of advertising and communications dollars in the 2022 Governor’s race to make sure every Maryland voter is aware of Comptroller Franchot’s views, assuming he doesn’t lose in the Democrats’ primary.

Reply from Maryland Comptroller on long time aide Len Foxwell, who called for the Genocide of Trump Supporters
Len Foxwell, who called for the Genocide of Trump Supporters, posts shows he doubles down on his call for the extermination of Trump supporters
Twitter Post
Twitter Post

Dirk Haire,
Maryland Republican Party

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