Stop Marc Elrich


Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich is still placing our families at risk!

In one of his latest public policy blunders, Marc Elrich has doubled down with recognizing Montgomery County a SANCTUARY COUNTY!

While the President continues to make our country safe, Elrich has championed policies that have lead to the sexual assault and rape of women across the county – most recently an 11-year-old girl! 

Nine illegal immigrants have been arrested and the public is still in danger!

It’s time to send partisan hack Elrich a message!
Stop the Madness!
Keep our Families Safe!
On March 12, Marc Elrich will host an online chat with MoCo residents and we want to get the word out to as many people as possible!

How can you help?  Chip in what you can – $5, $10, or more – right away to get our message to thousands of voters in key towns across the county – urging them to fight back, attend the virtual town hall and say NO MORE HARBORING CRIMINALS!
No more games!
Safety First!
Anything you can chip in will make a difference.  Are you with us?