Support the MDGOP

This past week the Maryland Republican Party launched its virtual store. This is a great idea, for the party, it does several things, one it is a fun way to support the MDGOP. Now with a few clicks, you too can own MDGOP swag. They have high-quality tee shirts, baseball caps and tote bags for sale.

I am Sure you asking, but Adam, why should I buy MDGOP swag from some online retailer who can sell me the stuff for 1/2 the price? Well, I will tell you why One a faceless online retailer selling MDGOP Swag isn’t official MDGOP swag and you have no idea where the money is going. That faceless online retailer could be taking your hard-earned money and finding Plan Parenthood or Joe Biden’s campaign for President.

When you buy from the MDGOP Store you know the money is going to the Maryland Republican Party. We know our leadership is a very good steward of the party’s treasure. This money will go to help defeat Democrats like Delegate Eric Luedtke and Marc Korman or Senators like Senator Kathy Klausmeier, and Ron Young.

So, lets not inadvertently fund Plan Parenthood and Joe Biden for President by buying GOP Swag from an unknown faceless online vendor.

Buy from the people you know and trust, buy your GOP Swag from the MDGOP Store!