Thank You,

Mr. President

Thank you, President Trump

Share your personal stories on how you are better off today, thank you were three years ago

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About our Thank You Project

The Montgomery County Republican Club has launched our Thank You President Trump campaign. Our goal is to have five hundred thanks by December 10, 2019. We plan on printing out the Thank You notes, in a book form and send them to the White House for the President.

President Trump with Vice President Pence visiting a manufacturing plant

The American Dream Project

The American Dream is alive again thanks to President Trump.  Tell us how you started a business or expanded your existing business because of President Trump's adding rocket fuel to the economy.

Tells Us Your Success Story

President Trump with Vice President Pence visiting with fully employed Americans at a manufacturing plant

Are you better off Today

Were you unemployed or underemployed during the Obama Regime? Do you have a Job today or a better job as a result of the Trump Economy?  If so we want to hear from you.

Tells Us Your Success Story