Outrage of the Week

Taxed Enough Already

Taxed Enough Already!!!

By Adam Schmidt | Apr 18, 2022

Taxed Enough Already If you are like the Average American in Montgomery County, you likely are paying around 24% of your income in taxes. That’s just on your Federal Taxes. State Taxes are due in Maryland on July 15, 2022, you will be giving the state another 4 – 5.75% of your hard-earned income, and…

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Direct Line w/Lee Annis

April 13, 2022 – Direct Line w/Lee Annis

By Adam Schmidt | Apr 11, 2022

Direct Line w/Lee Annis We are joining us this week on Direct Line is Lee Annis, Author of “Big Jim Eastland: The Godfather of Mississippi ” -For decades after the Second World War, Senator James O. Eastland (1904-1986) was one of the more intransigent leaders of the Deep South’s resistance to what he called “the…

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Stop the Gas Tax

Stop the Gas Tax

By Nathaniel Sansom | Apr 10, 2022

Stop the Gas Tax Next week, the Gas Tax will go back into effect, and the price you pay at the pump will increase by at least 36 cents/gallon (even more for diesel). Unless you want to pay more than $4 for a gallon of gas, you need to take action Tomorrow, April 11. Tomorrow…

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An organic farming policy that ended in catastrophe

By Gary Baise | Apr 7, 2022

Gary Baise Commentaries An organic farming policy that ended in catastrophe Fertilizer, crop chemicals ban: A cautionary tale from Sri Lanka What’s happening in Sri Lanka right now – riots, food shortages, power cuts and more – should be a cautionary tale for political leaders who hope to get elected on populist rhetoric that has…

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Tax-Funded “Virtue Cycling” Group Opposes Hogan Traffic Congestion Relief: The “Bike Bros” Are Against Anti-Gridlock Transportation Plans

By Mark Uncapher | Apr 4, 2022

Gridlock routinely ranks high among voter concerns. Marylanders spend more time commuting to work than the residents of every other state, apart from New York.[i]  As a result of congestion, Marylanders can spend less time with families and can even avoid taking better-paying jobs if longer commutes are involved.  In Montgomery County, 43% of residents…

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Examining CRT


By Dwight Patel | Apr 3, 2022

Examining CRT In 1963, Dr Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a Dream …” Speech. His speech was about his dream to live in a country where people are simply judged by the content of their heart, and not by the color of their skin. Dr. King wanted a color-blind society, and for the…

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Montgomery County Flag

Anthony Michael Coomes for County Executive

By Dwight Patel | Mar 30, 2022

Anthony Michael Coomes Learn More at – TBD Republican Candidate for County Executive Email anthonyCoomes@icloud.com Phone (443) 356-1239

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By Dwight Patel | Mar 29, 2022

Direct Line w/Kendel Ehrlich. Maryland First Lady (2003 – 2007) We are joined this evening with, Mrs. Kendel Ehrlich served as Maryland’s First Lady from 2003 to 2007.  As Maryland’s First Lady she executed various initiatives including Take 15 for the Health of It, MD Teen Advisory Council and I Want to Know/Live Clean. Managed…

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hogs in barn_0

Hog Farmers will get Their Day in Court

By Gary Baise | Mar 29, 2022

Gary Baise Commentaries Hog farmers will get their day in court U.S. Supreme Court will review Prop 12, a law that lets California dictate farm practices in every state. The case involving California’s Proposition 12 was distributed for conference eight times in the U.S. Supreme Court! This means there was a lot of opposition to the case. Yet,…

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