The Left Is Hell-Bent on Taking Down the Institutions That Define Us

Bob Ehrlich in downtown Silver Spring, MD

The Left Is Hell-Bent on Taking Down the Institutions That Define Us

Every political pundit in America has an opinion as to what was really on the ballot last Tuesday.

Most of these experts utilized exit polls listing familiar issues: inflation, energy prices and supply, border chaos, violent crime, cashless bail, defunding the police, abortion. All are legit and at least partially determinative as to the results.

Still, such polls are not designed to capture more subtle (read: complex) initiatives that fuel party agendas.

One example is the left’s unrelenting, multi-front campaign to undermine America’s foundational institutions. A cursory review of the evidence will cause sleepless nights — as if the midterms had not done enough damage to your sleep habits.

The nuclear family. Alleged to be the very foundation of masculine (read: chauvinistic) culture. Hence, this era’s doubling down on the war against fatherhood has brought devastating consequences to families of all colors. We should have recognized the culture was in deep trouble when those who report on the social maladies that follow from fatherless families were dismissed as “racists.”

Parents and kids. Welcome to the age wherein a vocal minority of teachers (and their unions) presume to remove parents from the most personal of medical decisions by children of tender age. But the New Left’s rapid progression from woke progressivism to explicit sexual indoctrination in elementary school is proving to be a bridge too far. (Finally, we have located that bridge.)

The bottom line: Suburban moms will not put up with the trauma-inducing sexualization of their children.

The First Amendment. Today’s left — drifting 180 degrees from their ’60s-era cousins — seeks to limit speech wherever and whenever possible. They do so by alleging that speech they oppose is tantamount to incitement to violence and, accordingly, perfectly legitimate to suppress. And, yes, this problematic narrative has now been taught to generations of American college students.

The police. Remember 18 months ago when leading Democrats were advocating one or another form of police defunding? Well, they don’t. But, alas, it was all captured on video. The latest (and most desperate) line is that the huge spikes in violent and property crime are simply right-wing conspiracy theories. Hundreds of thousands of new crime victims around the country would disagree.

Thankfully, at least this latest sign of the apocalypse is proving to be a short-lived walk on the wild side.

The southern border. Remarkably, the “one world” crowd was able to gain traction in the Democratic Party over the past 20 years. 3.5 million migrants, countless tons of fentanyl and a hot market for human traffickers later and the average American has seen more than enough. Fortunately, most voters still buy into the notion that a country without borders… is not a country.

The Supreme Court. FDR has nothing on this generation’s cabal of court packers. Yup, it is a point of universal agreement on the New Left that the appropriate size of our highest court should be…whatever number will ensure a long-term liberal majority. For this group, originalism is worse than racism (see Dobbs vs. Jackson).

A likely forthcoming opinion that finds unconstitutional the employment of race as a factor in college admissions will send them over the proverbial cliff.

The media. Granted that most of the media has always tilted left. But the Trump era marked an inflection point in the media’s DNA. What was an all-encompassing opposition to all things Trump morphed into an anti-speech operation with co-conspirators Big Tech and various government law enforcement agencies.

They called it an attempt to counter misinformation. Many Americans (including the formerly principled group known as “liberals”) see it as more of a heavy-handed Orwellian thought control operation.

The Senate filibuster. Filibuster schmilibuster, say the very same politicians who not so long ago pledged their undying allegiance to this ultimate tool of the legislative minority. (And note that this timeframe includes the recent progressive Obama era.) Yet today it is regularly dismissed as a remnant of systemic racism. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Electoral College. For the aggressively progressive bicoastal elites, the EC is yet another antiquated concept of those easily (and regularly) denounced Founding Fathers. To boot, it is yet another racist process providing undue influence to small (read: red) states every second Tuesday of November every four years. So why not disenfranchise those yokels who watch Fox News and voted overwhelmingly for You-Know-Who?

The ongoing politicization of large government agencies (DOJ, IRS, DOD) provides further context for our institutional crisis but also produces an important takeaway: The purveyors of radical transformation are focused more than ever on taking down the institutions that have made America exceptional and that have literally defined us for 246 years.

That progressives are engaged in a feverish effort to hold on to power at the midterms is not surprising. This generation of leftists is hell-bent on cultural change. That they have enjoyed some success is beyond question. It’s enough to keep you up at night…