What is a Trump Shout-out?

A Trump Shout is a video message thanking the President, on a Trumptastic Job, despite Chuck and Nancy’s attempts to thwart the President’s Agenda; They shut the government down; Countless fraudulent investigations; Fraudulent Impeachment Charges.

Despite all those headwinds President Trump still Accomplished;

  • The lowest Unemployment rate in 50Years.
  • Tax Cuts & Job Act Signed into Law, reducing tax burden, on average American Families by over $2000.00.
  • Median household income has hit the highest level ever recorded.
  • Over 6 Million people no longer on food stamps.
  • For the First Time, the US is a net energy Exporter.
  • More than 6.5 million jobs created since 2017.
  • Criminal Justice Reform enacted – First Step Act
  • US Economy has been unshackled by removing 176 onerous regulation in FY 2018 saving taxpayers $23 billion
  • Right to Try, passed for terminally ill patients
  • There are more Jobs than workers and over 8700 Opportunity zones have been created

How do you give a Shout-Out to President Trump?

Fill out the form below and someone from the Montgomery County Republican Club will be in touch with you to schedule a time to be recorded.