in 2022 Let's Turn Maryland Red

Turn Maryland Red

In 2022 Let’s Turn Maryland Red

Let’s Start planning TODAY to turn Maryland Red TOMORROW

How do we Turn Maryland Red?

Recruit Great Candidates

The Republican Party as well as Republican Clubs in the counties as well as around the state need to start identifying good potential candidates.

In 2022 the entire State Senate and House of Delegates as well as 8 seats in the U. S. House of Representatives plus County Council/Commissioners, County Executive, Sheriff, and Registrar of Wills. On the state level, we will be working hard to re-elect Governor Hogan and Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, an Attorney General and a State Comptroller, along with Circuit Court Judges and members of your local Republican Central Committees. In 2022 we will have new Congressional, State Legislative Districts as well as new Councilmanic districts.

Members of the Maryland House of Delegates convene at the state house in Annapolis, Md., on the first day of the state's 2018 legislative session.

All 141 members of the Maryland State House of Delegates are up for elections of those 99 are Democrats and 42 Republicans.  Of those 24 House of Delegates, seats are up in Montgomery County.  

Maryland State Senate Chamber

All 47 members of the Maryland State Senate are up for elections of those 32 are Democrats and 15 are Republicans.  Of that 8 State Senate, seats are up in Montgomery County.  

Montgomery County Council Chambers

The entire Montgomery County Council and County Executive is up for re-election.  There ate 5, plus the 2 new Councilmanic members and 4 At-large members.

United States Capitol

In 2022 all eight members of the House of Representatives and Senator Van Hollen are up for re-election 2022.

Ofice of the Governor of Maryland

Running for Governor

Office of the Maryland AG

Running for Attorney General

Office of the Comptroller of Maryland

Running for Comptroller


  1. Identify your District; Find the Congressional, State Legislative or Councilmanic District you live in.  (Keep in mind to run for US Congress you don’t have to live in the District you are running for, you just have to live in the State)
    • Note District line will change for 2022 as the State of Maryland and all other states undergo redistricting.
  2. Once you pick an office you need to go and find a campaign treasurer for your campaign.  Without a treasurer, you can’t raise any money.
    • Things you can do while you look for a Treasurer
      • Identify potential donors
      • Campaign Committee name
      • Claim your Campaign domain (We recommend Google Domains to purchase your domain)
      • Get your Social Media handles (you want to have the same handle for all Social media, will be very useful for branding)
      • Sign up for Leadership Institutes Candidates Training Class
  3. Do research on your opponents
  4. If you are running for the State House go to Annapolis, make an appointment with one of the many helpful elected Republicans.
  5.  Sign up for the Montgomery County Republican Clubs Newsletter to make sure you get announcements of candidate training classes in 2021.


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If you are thinking of running for State-wide office Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General, or US Senate Please Contact us or the State Party.

Get in touch with the MDGOP leadership institute Americans for Tax Reform MD State GOP Caucus Maryland House Republican Caucus National Republican Congressional Committee National Republican Senatorial Committee