Virginia state flag

Virginia Today; Maryland tomorrow?

Things have changed in America. And it’s only going to get worse – not better

According to author Jesse Kelly, today, the American people are rapidly losing faith in the rule of law. This is a clear and present danger to out Republic. After all, the rule of law only exists up to the point that men decide it does not exist. Of course, it’s hard to blame folks for losing faith.

This past decade has been highlighted by high-ranking government officials like Internal Revenue Service agent Lois Lerner using their position to target and attack people on the Right, get caught doing it, and not spend a day in jail.

Currently the Department of Justice has acknowledged the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court allowed Barack Obama’s Federal Bureau of Investigation to use illegally obtained wiretaps to spy on a Republican campaign. An investigation is ongoing, but I don’t think that anyone believes that a single person with any rank will see the inside of a federal prison.

I grew up with great respect for FBI agents. Now I am disgusted at FBIs top leadership who collectively were involved in a “coup” against a sitting President. Now I feel physically ill just thinking about the machinations of a James Comey,  Andrew McCabe, or Peter Strzok. These are not tough lawmen but sniveling political hacks. How rotten is this apple if the core is represented by such as these?

Americans feel as if the law is not on their side. Instead, there are two sets of rules in America now. One set for normal people, and one set for Democrat bureaucrats. Normal Americans watch politicians and bureaucrats who should be hiding in disgrace and instead get million-dollar book deals and regular appearances on CNN.

Which brings us to the state of Virginia. Virginia is currently mired in heated debates over guns, illegals, gays, drugs, and unions as the radical Left now controls the state legislature and the governor’s mansion. And despite being the most contentious issue, they fully intend to use that power to take away the weapons of Virginians and fundamentally change the culture.  These are not just other partisan battles in a state you won’t ever visit or care about. It is an example of what we are. And even more than that, it’s a preview of where America is heading.

America is fracturing along a dangerous fault line. The divide staring at us is much simpler than the standard party line of “freedom versus tyranny.” And in a way, that makes it much more frightening. According to the author the real divide in America today is Urban versus Rural. And it is getting much worse.

Today, most urban kids have gone to government schools for 12 years before they headed off to socialist finishing schools (universities) for another four. Those “adults” now enter the working world and seek different things than our parents sought. They seek career opportunities alongside opportunities for activism. Activism they learned from 16-plus years in an education system that taught them about America’s evils and the need for radical change. And after graduating they usually head straight for the biggest cities in the nation.

But folks who stay in rural America live completely different lives. They grow up with at least a passing familiarity with firearms and more physically separated from government services. Most develop a more independent outlook on life. You see someone broken down on a country road, you don’t wave on the way by assuming they are already on the phone with AAA. You pull over and help. If coyotes are starting to get interested in the family dog, you don’t call animal control. You grab a rifle and handle the problem. In rural country, you likely go to church on Sundays. Your parents probably married young. You do not have Transgender Celebration Day in kindergarten.

The ability to defend yourself and the things you hold dear is a goal for half this country. That is a good thing. The problem we have is the other half of the country views self-defense as something best left to others. Some of that comes from simple naivete about guns. Some of it is laziness. But make no mistake about it, some of it is darker and more nefarious than that.

Why is it that gun-control is universal across the various Leftist platforms? Could it be that the people who believe in an all-powerful, centralized state would like to deprive people of the ability to push back against said state? Do not think it is an accident that the worst dictator monsters in history all found a way to disarm the people before beginning their purges?

Not to get too doomsday, but do not think it is an accident that the worst dictator monsters in history all found a way to disarm the people before beginning their purges. That conversation itself can get uncomfortable for some because we never want to believe things like that can happen here.

After all, this is America. We are the land of the free. Khmer Rouge sounds more like expensive makeup my wife would buy than it does something I could ever witness outside of my front door. But governments abusing their citizens is not some abnormality.  It is the history of the world!!

Americans have never been that keen on government authority and they have rarely had a taste for government restricting their 2nd Amendment rights. But now they have even less faith in the rule of law while the American Left has never been more committed to weaponizing the law over a number of fundamental issues.

We are not merely separated. We are separated and racing in opposite directions. Keep your eyes on Virginia. It’s coming soon to a theater near you.